Owners have access to all functionality available within Fiind AI. There may be only one owner at a time. Ownership may be transferred in the Manage Users tab under Company Settings.


Admins have all the privileges of an Owner except for the following:

  • Transferring Ownership
  • Access to Billing information


Sales Users may:

  • Look Up companies for a quick summary
  • View Market Intelligence pages
  • View Company Signals pages already in the Master List
  • Perform actions (i.e. thumbs up, thumbs down, watch list, etc)
  • Download and install extensions

Sales Users may not:

  • Add companies to Master List via Search or Look Up
  • Enrich existing lists
  • Invite new users
  • Access billing

If you have any feedback or needs in this area, please contact partnersupport@fiind.com.

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