Fiind Flashlight is a website integration that helps expand and provide context to your sales pipeline. With Fiind Flashlight installed, you can explore the Fiind AI signals for your anonymous website visitors, getting better clarity on their needs, pains, story, and interactions on your website. Fiind Flashlight is able to identify companies that visit, their signals, and insights on the pages they visited. 


Fiind Flashlight is activated by installing a simple pixel code into the  of your website (similar to Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel). Retrieve this code by logging into your Fiind AI account > Company Settings > Fiind Flashlight. 

Identification via IP Address 

Depending on the website, on average about 60% of web traffic is from a private location and cannot be traced. However, most companies online have a standard (and trackable) IP from which visitors can be identified. If a potential business customer opportunity comes to your website, Fiind Flashlight will be able to identify who it is and what pages they visit. Leverage these insights to connect more effectively with relevant, hyper-targeted campaigns. 

What Fiind Flashlight does NOT do 

Fiind Flashlight does not collect personal information or identify specific people. Please see Fiind’s Privacy Policy for detailed information. 

Fiind Flashlight is fully GDPR compliant. Data collected via Fiind Flashlight is not served to anyone but the website owner. Flashlight data is used for the improvement of behavioral and predictive models for Fiind AI. 

Flashlight Legal Requirement 

Fiind requires that use of Fiind Flashlight must be disclosed to website visitors. Please ensure that a proper disclosure is provided to website visitors via your privacy policy. 

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