While Fiind AI isn’t an ad-provider, some ad-blocking browser plugins/extensions may detract from your user experience. This can include blocking product tours, help options, training resources, and more.

To maximize your Fiind AI experience, please consider whitelisting, pausing, and/or disabling JavaScript blockers for Fiind AI.

There are many different types of ad-blocking browser plugins/extensions and changing the settings for each one might be slightly different. It also depends on your browser type.

AdBlock is a popular extension. Here are instructions for changing AdBlock settings from its help page. 

If you have other ad-blocking plugins/extensions installed, you can simply do a web search for instructions on how to change the settings. If you’re stuck, contact us at partnersupport@fiind.com and we’ll help you out. 

If you’ve whitelisted, paused, and/or disabled JavaScript blockers for Fiind AI, and you’re still noticing some feature interruptions, a firewall may be interfering. We recommend you contact your company’s IT department to learn more about firewall restrictions and explore potential options.

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