Quick Overview

  • General contacts are automatically provided where available
  • Purchase Enhanced Contact Credits through the "My Subscriptions" page in Company Settings
  • Expect 1 – 5 days for contacts to be populated
  • Request Enhanced Contacts through the Master List view
  • You may request a minimum of 10 contacts at a time
  • If contact information cannot be reliably obtained for any entry you request, your credit will automatically be refunded back to you


Fiind AI provides two levels of contact information:

  • General contact information (where available)
  • Enhanced contact information

General contact information will usually include company phone numbers and email addresses. This information is available only in cases where companies make it available and Fiind AI is able to discover it.

For enhanced contact information, Fiind partners with a contacts provider to supply leadership emails and phone numbers upon request. In general, contact information provided through this method can be verified with 80-90% accuracy.

How to Request Enhanced Contacts

  1. Purchase Enhanced Contact Credits through the upper right menu > Company Settings > My Subscriptions > Add-ons Section:

2) Now that your purchase is complete, from the Nav-Bar, click on Companies > Master List. You should now see a button called "Enhanced Contacts" on the upper right. The (number) represents how many credits you have available.

3) From here, requesting contacts is easy! Either choose a select batch, or make the request for your entire list.

4) Once the request is made, you will see this icon next to entries in your Master List as it works:

If a contact is successfully retrieved, it will switch to this symbol:

Please reach out if you have feedback or questions!

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