To put it simply: A Signal is an interpretation of data indicating an event or state.

Fiind AI uses Signals to build a new layer of insights out of the avalanche of raw data on the internet. Signals and Signal Strength are formed via three parts:

  • Source – Who or where is the data coming from? Is it from a reputable source? 
  • Information – What is the data feeding into the signal? What types of data reinforce a signal?
  • Corroboration – How many different sources support the signal? Are there any conflicting data points?

Being that Fiind AI analyzes data everywhere, there is a relatively high probability of errors or inconsistencies. Each of the 3 parts above are reinforced with AI and Machine Learning processes, cleaning up errors and reducing false positives by consistently learning and improving over time.

See how Fiind AI data is sourced here.

Fiind AI can track millions of unique signals from across the internet. Examples of signals might include company leadership changes, presence of a particular type of technology, attitudes among employees, product launches, and multitudes more.

Signal Confidence

The substance and context of each data point is analyzed to generate a "Confidence" score for each signal.

If a Signal displays "Strong Confidence"–this means that the signal is supported by a variety of reputable sources. If a signal shows "Moderate" or "Traces", then Fiind AI is making its best guess based on the data available. 

Fiind AI maintains a high bar of integrity for what it determines as a "Strong" signal. A lower score does not mean the signal is unreliable. It simply means that not enough data has been collected to be reliably certain.

If you have a signal in particular that you would like to track, reach out to the Fiind team and let us work with you!

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