Fiind AI is a combination of layers–each working together to build a next-generation ecosystem of Intelligent Data. This ecosystem is comprised of:


Raw Data

Raw Data is the source of everything in the business intelligence world. Internally, we collect both structured and unstructured data to augment Fiind AI–from both internal and external sources.

Structured data has already been collected and organized into vast tables. Unstructured data is collected through methods like natural language processing–via public sources including SEC filings, website information, social media posts, hiring activity, and other publicly disclosed information. We do not collect data from private individuals.

Data accuracy typically decays on an average of 30% per year. This is a result of the shifting landscape–including M&A activity, bankruptcy, pivots, leadership changes, and more. For companies that rely on sourcing data for their business–accuracy and reliability is a constant hurdle. This is where Fiind AI begins to work.

Signals & Insights

After collecting as much Raw Data as possible, Fiind AI filters and sorts through it (using Machine Learning and AI) to find evidence of events or “Signals”. For example: We have been able to trace certain signals that indicate higher adoption rates for specific products (i.e. Office 365 or Facebook Workplace).

Fiind AI tracks over a million types of signals. Examples would include what types of software a company uses. How engaged in Social Media are they? How do their employees feel? Where do they engage with customers the most? 

Signals can be positive, negative, or neutral.


Trends, Health, & Pitch Points

Once Signals are collected, Fiind AI builds a trend among companies with similar characteristics. This trend data is processed in a few different ways: 

  • Core Indicator Health Scores
  • Pitch Points
  • Industry Intelligence

Health scores are a metric we use to draw on a curve between similar companies that show different positive, neutral, or negative signals. The higher a score is, the better that company is doing in comparison to companies tracked in the top 5th percentile for that score. In other words, only the top 5% will show scores 90 or above. 

Through Pitch Points, Fiind AI helps you interpret signals and hone your pitch to a potential customer.  Different combinations of signals will show different types of pitch points. Use these as a source of inspiration on how to start different conversations.

Industry Intelligence shows the trends of different signals in the world. As Fiind AI continues to collect and analyze data, it will notice trends that may not be readily apparent to the average data company. We work to look for correlations and patterns in the data that could be useful for your business. Is the market for a certain product growing within an industry? What kinds of companies are adopting new kinds of technology?

Artificial Intelligence

Digital Assistant

Tying all of this information together is the Fiind AI Digital Assistant. Fiind works with you to improve the data it delivers to you specifically. It keeps things simple and organizes everything so that you only need to pay attention to what matters for your daily work.

In working with Fiind AI over time, it will learn and improve on the feedback that you provide, serving better and better results.

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