Finding good quality leads can be an arduous process, often combining costly or time-consuming methods at too slow a pace. Who do we talk to? When? What challenges are they facing?

We know that there are many opportunities out there, if only we are looking in the right place at the right time. A company may tweet a clue about their tech stack, or there may be a new CTO hire, indicating the potential for change to be coming soon. But how do we know when these events happen?

Fiind AI sifts through millions of company signals to propose ideal prospects for your business.

Use Search to generate targeted Leads based on your filter criteria. Target companies that exhibit signals for your specific campaign, possibly including:

  • Low Cybersecurity Score
  • Specific Email Technology Stack
  • High Digital Health
  • For a specific product you offer

Once you have selected your filter criteria and entered the number you want, Fiind AI will populate your Master List with the best selected companies from the range available.

Tip: The leads that Fiind AI produces should not be considered warm leads. These companies will likely not know who you are or why you are calling. It's important to tell your story clearly in a way that speaks directly to their needs.

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