What is Fiind AI?

Fiind AI is a personalized customer intelligence platform that learns and evolves with you as you work. 

What platforms does it support? 

The platform can be accessed via any desktop browser. Fiind also offers integrations with Chrome and Outlook.

What does Fiind AI track?

Fiind AI identifies 6 digital health scores:

  • Cloud & Tech Stack
  • Cybersecurity
  • Modernization Propensity
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Growth & Expansion
  • Brand Presence

Each of these core indicators are built using millions of external signals that can signify buying intent for your products. 

How big is the Fiind DB? 

Fiind AI actively tracks 12M+ companies and 1M+ signals. However, Fiind AI is constantly investigating and building profiles of any company with an online presence, so the potential size of the Fiind DB is limitless.

Is this a lead generation service? 

Lead generation for products and services is only one of many ways Fiind AI can be used. Our customers also use Fiind AI for other scenarios including boosting and improving inbound research, enriching old lists and existing customers, account discovery on integrated tools (such as Outlook, CRM etc.), and getting personalized recommendations.

Do you offer contact information? 

Yes. Fiind AI provides basic contact information found publicly for companies it tracks. This could include phone numbers, emails, and social handles (if available). Also, Fiind partners with an external provider to retrieve Enhanced Contacts as an add-on feature. Enhanced contacts can include known phone numbers and emails of known leadership and decision-makers. 

Being that contact information is not a core business of Fiind, we cannot guarantee the integrity of the contact information provided.

How are Fiind AI recommendations different from buying a customer list?

Fiind AI monitors a series of buying signals from millions of companies–applying a unique model to determine who is most likely to buy and why. Using Fiind AI is like having a personal assistant who does research and analysis for you before pursuing any opportunity. In comparison, buying a customer list is more like ripping a page from the phone book.

We differentiate Fiind AI in 3 ways:

  1. Signal-driven to identify companies that have a specific pain or need for your solution (vs spray and pray).
  2. Research for personalized messaging. Get the right message to your customer at the right time (vs a generic message to everyone).
  3. Continuous learning models that give you improved recommendations based on your feedback.

Will multiple partners get the same companies?

It's possible, but extremely unlikely. Fiind AI serves companies based on your unique characteristics, and actively works to prevent this scenario. Any case where a company might be tracked by several users is if it is added through the Lookup or Enrichment function.

What do you show under the Intelligence tab?

This is a bird's-eye report on current market intelligence for the products we track. This page highlights trends–including signal criteria that contributes to wins and churn, market size, industry opportunity, and more. 

How current is the data? How often is the data refreshed?

Fiind AI’s data is living and breathing. Our AI-driven sensors constantly look for updates in data or events. Some data updates happen in real-time, while others are dependent on the update frequency of the underlying data sources (weekly, monthly, or quarterly updates). Data is also refreshed based on demand.

Can I export my companies?

Yes. We allow export to .csv and excel. We also support integration with select CRM's including SalesForce and Dynamics. 

In general, we recommend that you manage your data through an integration or on Fiind AI itself. The data consistently updates and changes as time goes on, and we want you to always work with the latest information!

How secure is my data?

Data security is paramount at Fiind. Data is secured, encrypted, and stored in geo-replicated servers. Customer information is not shared, and it’s sand-boxed in the cloud. See our terms of use for the full policy.

What should I do if I don't receive a registration email after sign-up?

Check your spam folder, or whitelist "partnersupport@fiind.com" as the message may have been redirected. You may also want to double check that you entered the correct email address.

What are the minimum required fields for Enrich?

While Fiind only requires a company URL/website, we recommend including these additional fields for a greater level of accuracy:

  • Company Name
  • State
  • Country
  • Industry

The more fields, higher the accuracy of signals. 

How does Fiind calculate Duplicate, Inaccurate, Incomplete entries during import?

Fiind algorithms match against input company domains to cleanse the data using the following flow:

  1. Identify duplicate records via domains
  2. Identify records with inaccurate data/domains
  3. Identify records with missing data/domains

Where can I provide feedback to Fiind

Contact us through the chat bubble in the lower right side of the screen or email partnersupport@fiind.com.

What extensions do you support?

Versions that we support:

Salesforce CRM: Developer, Enterprise and Unlimited editions

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online: v8.2 and v9.0(Microsoft D365)

Browser Extensions: Google Chrome

Workplace by Facebook: Please contact us on integrating your workplace instance with Fiind AI recommendations. 

We also support other integrations at an enterprise level. Contact us for more options!

How does Fiind AI collect data?

Fiind AI scans billions of public web pages, forums, news & blog sites, and documents to identify signals related to the particular company. Our system runs constantly, discovering new signals, covering petabytes of data every month. 

To improve accuracy, we also work to update already existing companies and technologies that don’t meet our benchmark for data quality. 

How accurate is the data? 

On average, static data tends to degrade at a rate of 30% per year. This is due to the constantly shifting climate of business (new hires, M&A, bankruptcy, etc.)

To combat this degradation, Fiind AI constantly scans and updates old data. This is layered with a learning algorithm that adjusts and learns as the market shifts, seeking new and updated signals. 

With this refresh policy, our predicted data accuracy can fluctuate between 80-95% Confidence.

What happens if I find an error in the data?

When dealing with massive amounts of data, inaccuracies are inevitable. Sometimes the data that Fiind AI collects is recorded inconsistently due to human error. 

As time passes, Fiind AI is getting smarter at dealing with inconsistent or incorrect data. With your help, we will keep confidence high. If you do run across any inaccurate entries, contact us through the site, chat bubble, or email us at partnersupport@fiind.com

How compliant and secure is Fiind’s data aggregation and storage?

At Fiind, we collect company data in a legal, fair, and transparent way. We source data that is available in publicly accessible internet, while respecting and adhering to data privacy and terms of use policies. 

Fiind Infrastructure & security is backed by Azure Cloud with industry standard data compliance. 

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